Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Beauty Favorites

I suppose it's because I totally grew up as a member of the "Friends" generation, but I have to come out and admit that I just LOVE Jennifer Aniston. I do. I think she is adorable. Back in high school I begged my mother to let me have a "Rachel" haircut, and I was always on Team Aniston, never Team Jolie.

But I have a few other reasons to love Ms. Aniston, and it has to do with her beauty regimen. Jennifer has always been very vocal about her strict beauty routine, and it obviously works. She has been touted as one of Hollywood's "golden girls" because of her sun-kissed skin, golden highlights, and enviable glow. But what products are in Jennifer's must have bag? Check them out below, and you might just notice a few of Good Clean Skin's favorite brands!

1. Dr Hauschka's Moisturizing Day Cream- Jennifer claims that she's "addicted" to this Dr. Hauschka staple, and it shows. A good moisturizer is a must-have if you want to keep your skin supple, soft, and glowing all year round.

2. Mario Badescu's Glycolic Skin Renewal Complex- By now, you all know how much I love my Mario Badescu, but it is nice to know that Hollywood's elite love him as well! This cream is actually a secret of several celebrities, but Jennifer has always openly admitted that it's one her favorites. And, at $35 it's an affordable splurge to add to your own routine.

3. Fake Bake's Gold Self Tanning Lotion- California girl Jennifer knows that every girl looks better with a little sun, but that too much sun bathing can cause wrinkles and other signs of early aging. So what is a girl to do? Well, Fake Bake of course! This faux tanning lotion not only gives your body and face a great glow, it's packed with antioxidants that are actually good for your skin. Unfortunately, I seem to only be able to find it on the Fake Bake's UK website, but I believe you might still be able to order this gem of a product online here.

4. Neutrogena's Transparent Facial Bar- It turns out that a good clean face will only set you back about $3.49 if you wash the Jennifer Aniston way! This cult classic has been a staple of many a hopeful high school teen, and with good reason. It works, it's gentle, and it's mega affordable. If you don't try anything else on the list, you should at least pick up a bar of this next time you run into your local drug store. The bar comes in several formulas (with original, dry skin, and oily skin varieties), and, as always, I'm going to go ahead and recommend fragrance free, because it's the most gentle. (I avoid fragrance whenever possible.)
5. Chanel's Sublimage La Creme- Alright, gals. This one does, unfortunately, have a movie star price tag, breaking the bank at a whopping $390 for a mere 1.7 oz container. So, I must admit, I have sadly never tried this liquid gold, though if you're brave and willing, you can find it at Nordstrom's.  I will admit that have always been a bit curious to try another product in this line, the Sublimage Essential Regenerating Fluid, though at $290, it's not likely this will be gracing my medicine cabinet anytime soon, either!
6. SK-II's Signs Eye Cream- This fabulous eye cream is still a splurge, running about $100 for a small container. I have been wanting to try this brand for a long time, but have always been a bit nervous of the price tag. However, Jennifer swears by this anti-aging eye cream, and with her total lack of crows feet, I'm inclined to believe that it works. Cate Blanchett is another famous SK-II addict with flawless skin! 

Of course, one of Jennifer's non-product related secrets is that she is a yoga lover, and she keeps to a very healthy diet with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. This, undoubtedly, has a lot to do with her glow. So, if you can't afford Chanel Sublimage, at least you can afford a banana, a glass of water, and some yoga with your gal pals!

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